Think you know Trivia? Phlebotomize will Drain your Brain!

Challenging & Fun

Phlebotomize is a trivia style quiz game that will test your brainpower. Over 2400 multiple-choice questions are randomly selected from six different categories. Answer six questions from each category to win!

Play alone or two players can go head to head by sharing the same device. You can gain an advantage over your opponent by getting a correct answer which continues your turn. Fast paced game with a color-coded visible timing bar counting down the seconds before your turn ends!

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Family Friendly

Rated 4+ because of the safe content not for the difficulty. This quiz will test you, exercise your brain and for some of you it will, "Drain Your Brain."

Contains ads that show up every now and then so we can keep building more games. We don't collect any information about you or your device. Even if we did we would never share it with anyone because we hate spam as much as you do!!

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The Timer is Running... Answer Quickly!

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