BrandX Games is an indie video game studio in Redmond, WA USA founded in 2006.

The company vision is to create family friendly games & apps that can bring all ages together.




Non-Traditional Game Design
Gaming continues to expand its reach beyond simply diversionary entertainment.  Many companies now look to gaming as a way of innovating the way they do business.  BrandX Games can help your company understand how to translate your business into an interactive experience and help you make it happen.

Product Development Partners

Our senior management team has significant global experience in all facets of software & game design, product development as well as marketing and business development.  We are experts in clarifying ideas and taking the correct actions to achieve successful results. In fact, we chose the name BrandX because in our early years consulting was our core business. In relationships of this type, for us it’s not about the spotlight, its about being the best partner possible.

Please contact us and let us know how we can help you achieve your vision.