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John Caporale – Founder, CEO

John's passion for entertainment, technology and games is the basis for his visionary leadership of BrandX Games. Never satisfied with the "status quo" he was awarded a patent that will have a significant impact on gaming and other immersive applications.

John brings 37 years of senior management experience and a well-rounded global perspective working in companies involved in multiple technologies, entertainment & creative disciplines. He enjoys a strong background in computers, audio & video technologies, product & business development, engineering and manufacturing. A life long entrepreneur, inventor, musician, producer, engineer and visionary, John's experience and creative pursuits in pushing the limits of immersive experiences lead him to the game industry early in the 21st century.

Other experience;

  • Founder, President & CEO of KingX Studios a social games publishing company.
  • Chief Operating Officer of video game publisher/developer Agile Entertainment.
  • Founder & President of FSG, Inc. providing technical sales/marketing and consulting services for technology manufacturing clients. 
  • Co-Founder, President of Advanced Audio Designs, a global digital signal processing equipment manufacturer.
  • Partner with TGM Concert Systems, where he provided engineering and production services to top international musical artists and Hollywood performers.